Help the Sevenoaks residents fight this planning application!

Developers are planning to destroy Cramptons Road!

When the gas containers at the Cramptons Road Gasworks were demolished, the residents of Cramptons Road were looking forward to seeing the land developed into much needed housing for Sevenoaks.

However, when the residents woke up one morning to find a letter on their doorsteps sent from the developers giving them just four days to response to the developer's online questionnaire, it became very clear that the plan was not to create family homes in keeping with the rest of the area, but to cram in as many tiny units as possible into the small 0.98 hectare space!

Developers are planning to destroy Cramptons Road by building 136 homes on the site that was originally earmarked for less than half that figure. The majority of the new homes would be tiny flats and none would have gardens. The plans also included a 10-storey tower block purposefully designed to look like the gas container the residents were were so pleased to see demolished.

136 homes panned for 0.98 hectare site

"Poor/Very Poor"

With only four days to respond before the developers questionnaire was closed, and many elderly residents not having access to the internet unable to view the questionnaire, people didn't have much time to respond, yet the opinion of the development was overwhelmingly that it was "Poor/Very Poor".

Developers looked at the existing two storey 1930's terraced houses and decided to ruin the street by placing these ugly "blocky" three storey townhouses with no gardens directly opposite.

  • 10 storey tower block

  • 136 new homes

  • 0 gardens

  • 0 social housing

  • 0 affordable homes

  • 190 additional residents cars

  • Only 96 parking spaces

Want to help? Act fast, we don't have much time!

If you would like to help residents fight this planning proposal you can do a number of ways:

Join the Cramptons Road Nextdoor group

Add your comments to the Sevenoaks Planning Portal

We need as many people as possible to leave their comments on the Planning Portal.

The more people who comment, the more chance we have of saving our neighbourhood!

10-Storey tower block

The huge 10 storey block of flats will dominate the Sevenoaks skyline, will overlook residents, and blight the views from the nearby nature reserve and cause a hazard to the flocks of birds that fly over daily.

Parking problems!

This image from the developer depicts a ratio of four cars for one cyclists, yet the developers chose to limit parking spaces to just 96 spaces even though Sevenoaks Transport Assessment states that car ownership for the area is 1.4 cars per household.

We can expect 136 new homes to bring an additional 190+ cars to the area. Where will all the extra cars park?